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21-22 APRIL 2021
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business matching
Send a matching request to other participants for a 1-1 session
group discussion

Group Discussion

Send multiple invites to other participants you want to match with
Group Discussion format is suitable for companies that wish to discuss with several entities provided they are in no direct competition with others.

If there are direct competitors in the same group, it is advised that you choose 1-1 Business Matching instead.

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Want to know how we can make request and send invites? Read a simple guide here
Want to know how we can make request and send invites? Scroll through this simple guide here

Create a profile to access the platform

If you are using the platform for the first time, please create your account.
If you have used Deal Room in the past, please login.

Participants (Profile)

The participant’s full profile will be shown when you click on a button that looks like meet osaka in the Participants tab.
Meanwhile, it looks like meet osaka in the Participants list.

Participants (Chat)

When you click on the chat icon chat icon in the Participants tab.
You can type your message and send it easily!

Meeting request (1/2)

When you request a meeting, this message box will pop up.
You may add a short cover letter to your meeting request.
Please note! The one who is sending the meeting request can’t select the time.

Tip: You may suggest the time in the cover letter instead.

Meeting request (2/2)

After the meeting has been confirmed, it will be visible in both participants personal agenda.
When you receive a meeting request, the system will automatically show you the timeframes when participants are available.

Participants tab

In the participant tab, you will find other event attendees, exhibitors, speakers and event organizers.
You can use the search bar to find participants by name or by keywords, or you can use filters.
Deal Room matchmaking algorithms will pop up the most relevant attendees in top of the participants' list.
You will see your own profile in the list. Others can see meet and chat icons on your profile.

Participants tab

In your personal agenda tab, you can see:
  • Sessions you have added to your agenda
  • Confirmed 1:1 meetings
Entering 1:1 meetings
If you have sent a meeting request and the other participant accepted it, it will be shown in your personal agenda.
Press “Start Meeting”to enter to 1-on-1 session.

Both participants can add additional guests to the meeting (only those who have registered for the event). When you are entering the 1-on-1 room, you will see a lobby.

Entering 1:1 meeting

If you are using Deal Room for the first time the browser will ask your permision to use camera and microphone. Please allow it.
Check your microphone and camera settings.
Make yourself ready and press “Join”.

After that, the system will automatically connect you to a session.

1-1 meeting room

Your technical resources
- Video (computers camera our outsource)
- Audio (computers audio or headphones)
Camera on / off
Audio on / off (mute)
Screen share
Video share (available only in Google Chrome & Safari)
- MP4 file from you own computer

How to present
(Screen share)

We higly recommmend using Google Chrome or Safari as your browser.
You won't have this selection when using Safari. It will only ask for your permission to share your entire screen.
Screen share
If you are using Google Chrome, these windows will pop up.
You can either share entire screen or just one certain window, e.g. PowerPoint.

How to play video with sound

This feature only works in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.
Tip: It’s good to test your internet connection before broadcasting video. With good internet, you will be able to maximize the quality of your video.
Start publishing video
  1. Click on Start publishing video.
  2. Find the video you want to play from your computer.
  3. Select it and open it.
  4. Video will automatically start playing.
  5. When video is finished, click on Stop publishing video.
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