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KK fund

KK Fund

As an early-stage investor in SEA, we recognise the burgeoning potential of the esports market.
We will leverage our network and experience to provide strategic advice and bridge the different stakeholders in the esports ecosystem, enhancing the quality of the event as a pioneering summit converging esports and business.
dentsu x

dentsu X

Here at dentsu X, we seek ‘experience beyond exposure’ by integrating our expertise in data, technology and creativity altogether to create once in a lifetime experience for client and along with our proven track record in bringing brands to eSports sponsorship, we believe that we can create extraordinary experience for the event.


Infofed is one of the leading eSports company in Thailand, we have a team of experts who have years of experience in hosting multiple events both online and offline. Here at Infofed we are building an eco-system to bring all SEA gamers under one platform.

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